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Sissel Edelbo

Asta pant

Asta pant

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Asta Kantha Pants has a narrow, casual fit and an elastic inside waistline to enhance the comfortable fit. A small back pocket is placed on the right-hand side of the back of the pants.

This unique item is upcycled from a vintage Kantha blanket. A kantha blanket is made of old cotton fabrics such as saris that are placed on top of each other and stitched together by hand, using the traditional kantha embroidery technique. This technique is characterized by the many rows of short, continuous stitches – a method that has been used in India for hundreds of years and especially common among women in the countryside. The kantha embroidery technique, creatively upcycles old cotton saris, that previously have been worn by Indian women, giving them new life as upcycled clothing items, blankets, or bedspreads. Each Kantha item is one-of-a-kind in both print and color combination.  

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