Berryblue Bracelet
Berryblue Bracelet

Berryblue Bracelet

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Blue opal 
~20 carats 'Infinity' Clasp
14K Gold-filled

Blue opal 
Nylon cord 
14K gold-filled gold clasp

Be careful not to pull on your jewelry as this could loosen it. Jewelry is fragile, treat it with the greatest care and it will accompany you throughout your life. It is recommended to avoid contact with household products, cosmetics, the sea or the swimming pool and remove your jewelry to sleep or play sports.

Blue Opal is the symbol of the revelation of qualities that are hidden, buried or which need external intervention to reveal their treasures. 

The Blue Opal stone is perfect for people who have qualities within themselves that they refuse to affirm due to lack of confidence. Indeed, according to lithotherapy, the water contained in blue opal dissolves energy barriers, fears and restores a good circulation of energies which allows an awakening of consciousness, letting go and an increase in vibrational frequency. .