Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool
Face reflexology tool

Face reflexology tool

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An exclusive 2-in-1 protocol: Anti-aging Acupressure & Massage 

Inspired by traditional Chinese and Vietnamese massage techniques the facial reflexology tool has: 

- a natural rose quartz stone tip to stimulate energy points 
- and a roller head encrusted with germanium beads to tone the lower face and neck. 

Its use soothes tension in the facial muscles, relaxes the features, stimulates the organs of elimination and provides a feeling of overall relaxation. 

The protocol for using the Holidermie Facial Reflexology Tool was specifically designed in collaboration with facial expert Barbara Sand. 

E-booklet and full demonstration video available by scanning the QR code on the back of the product.

Before beginning the self-massage, drink a large glass of water, a cup of Skin Elixir Tea or Detox & Immunity Infusion to promote drainage. 

Pair each stimulation with a deep inhalation and exhalation while applying each dose of pressure in a spiral, clockwise motion for 15 seconds to create a vibration/energy resonance. 

Precautions for use: Acupressure is not intended to treat diseases and is intended for people in good health. In particular, it’s strongly discouraged for people with edema, cancer, heart disease or thyroid disorders. When in doubt, contact a health professional or an expert in medical reflexology.

The tool is encrusted with germanium beads and the tip has a real rose quartz stone from Brazil. Composition: aluminium, germanium + ABS mixture, rose quartz.

Size : 11 x 5,5 cm 

Weight: about 100g

Instructions for use
Find out how to use our facial reflexology tool