Gua Sha body in rose quartz
Gua Sha body in rose quartz
Gua Sha body in rose quartz
Gua Sha body in rose quartz
Gua Sha body in rose quartz

Gua Sha body in rose quartz

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The Body Gua Sha is an exclusive Holidermie creation. Thanks to its various sculpted edges, it helps drain lymph fluid and eliminate toxins, firm the skin and stimulate blood circulation. 

Holidermie has chosen rose quartz which is recognized for its physical benefits in combating skin aging since Ancient Egyptian times. In lithotherapy, rose quartz represents love and is linked to the 4th (heart) chakra; it symbolizes calm. 

Good lymph circulation helps rid the body of toxins and damaged cells. The massage movements should always be directed towards the heart, gently and with varying pressure. 

The esthetic effects of lymphatic drainage are particularly visible in combating cellulite and water retention. 

Holidermie has developed unique, specific application techniques for the body in collaboration with beauty experts, massage therapists and yoga instructors. Find inside, an explanatory brochure with a selection of HoliBody exercises to practice at home.

Our Body Gua Sha in pink quartz stone is fragile, we advise you to handle it with care and keep it in a pouch. 

The Body Gua Sha is best used with the Holidermie Regenerating Body Oil to soften the skin and enable the active ingredients to penetrate more easily. For a slimming action, leave the Gua Sha in hot water for a few minutes: the heat has a beneficial effect in breaking down lipids. 

For a toning effect, to tighten the tissues and relieve heavy legs, place the Gua Sha in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes before the massage.

100% rose quartz crystal (origin: Brazil). 
Purifying and recharging crystals during the full moon 
Always light a candle before purifying crystals to feel more aware of the present moment and your intention.

Water technique:

  • Soak the crystals in a bowl of water for at least 2-3 hours 
  • Avoid coarse salt which demineralizes crystals 
  • Rinse in clear water then dry.

Fumigation technique :

  • Pass the crystals through the smoke from burning sage or a Palo Santo stick to purify them 
  • Place them in the moonlight for a whole night, outdoors, near a window or on a balcony 
  • At daybreak, rinse them in clear water.

Use advice
Find out how to use the Gua Sha face

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