Intuition Potion

Rituel de lune
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Do you sometimes feel as if you're anticipating an event without understanding the reason or giving it any importance? It's certainly your intuition. Physical sensation, premonitory dream, flash of genius, creative inspiration, little voice in your head... each of us has our own way of accessing it. Give value and importance to your sixth sense with this intuition potion! It will help you stimulate your intuition and extrasensory perceptions to connect with guidance from higher consciousness.

This philtre is particularly suitable if : You want to deepen your intuition You want to develop your creativity You want to make relevant choices You want to facilitate decision-making You want to develop your self-confidence Slip this philtre into your handbag to benefit from their energies. You can also leave them at home on a piece of furniture to spread intuitive energy throughout your home! To purify them, rinse with mineral water. To recharge them, simply place them in the moonlight. Remember to dry them well before putting them back in the vial.

This intuition potion is composed of

Lapis Lazuli: Brings stability and mental clarity Rock Crystal: Ideal for developing the 6th sense 
Moonstone: Develops intuition and encourages good decision-making

This 30ml vial contains approximately 68g of crystals measuring 7cm x3.5cm