Potion of Abundance

Rituel de lune
€18,00 EUR



Do you feel you're lacking something, or that you're not feeling fully fulfilled? A feeling for which you find it hard to put into words, as if you were missing that little spark to be fully yourself? Thanks to this abundance filter, let yourself shine! It will help you to pour abundance into your life, both financially and personally, while feeling that something has changed.

This philtre is particularly suitable if :

You want to rekindle your little spark You want to soothe your body and mind You're looking for financial stability You want to make the right decisions You want to feel fulfilled Slip this potion into your handbag to benefit from their energies. You can also leave them in your home on a piece of furniture to diffuse an energy of abundance in your living space, while adding a touch of color to your interior! For purifiers, you can rinse them in mineral water. To recharge them, simply place them in the moonlight and remember to dry them thoroughly before putting them back in the vial.

This abundance philtre is composed of : Citrine: warm and energizing, it attracts prosperity Pyrite: attracts luck and wealth Jade: brings longevity, joy, health, wealth and peace

This 30ml vial contains approximately 68g of crystals measuring 7cm x3.5cm.