Virtuous infusion
Virtuous infusion
Virtuous infusion
Virtuous infusion

Virtuous infusion

Holidermie | 100g
€29,00 EUR




Holidermie Detox & Immunity Infusion is a virtuous blend of traditional organically grown plants and adaptogens. It is formulated to help your body gently detoxify while strengthening your immune system. The powerful plants used in this infusion ensure : 

  • natural drainage and toxin elimination thanks to the Birch + Spinach duo
  • digestive relief thanks to the combined action of Ginger + Thyme + Turmeric immune system 
  • stimulation with the trio Nettle + Elder + Ginseng 

Once infused, discover its subtle notes of ginger and birch. 

The formula contains 99.5% organic ingredients and the Doypack is 100% recyclable.

Leave 2 teaspoons of this infusion to brew between 7 and 10 minutes, in mineral water or filtered water after a meal. Ideal water temperature: 80°C You are advised to follow a detox for at least 2 weeks ideally during seasonal transition periods.

Ingredients: ginger*, birch leaves*, nettle*, elderberry*, spinach*, thyme*, turmeric*, ginseng. *ingredient from organic farming

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