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Amanda de Montal Fragrances

Armagnac Enchante Diffuser

Armagnac Enchante Diffuser

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The twigs and leaves crack under your feet as you walk, savoring the perfume of cypress, pine needles and moss. A drop of a 20 year old vintage Armagnac from the family brand with its woody velvet scent creates the feeling of warmth.

The crunch of twigs and leaves under your feet as you walk, smelling the scent of cypress, pine needles and undergrowth. A drop of twenty year old Armagnac with a velvety woody scent to create the feeling of warmth.

This deep, smoky and woody scent is an enchanted change of scenery. 

An expert contrast for any room in the house.

This diffuser is refillable.

16.9oz - 0,5L

Time : 3 months

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