Serenity Potion

Rituel de lune
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Do you find it hard to stop thinking? Does your brain keep working to the point of having trouble falling asleep? It could be that you're in a state of stress and anxiety that's preventing you from feeling fulfilled on a daily basis. Thanks to this serenity potion, you're no longer a slave to your mind! It will help you to calm down by clearing your mind, and to see more clearly the emotions you're feeling.

This philtre is particularly suitable if : You want to let go on a daily basis You want to get rid of your anxiety You are looking for personal fulfillment You want to understand your emotions You want to regain peaceful sleep Slip these potions into your handbag to benefit from their energies. You can also leave them in your home on a piece of furniture to spread a serene energy throughout your home! To purify them, rinse with mineral water. To recharge them, simply place them in the moonlight. Remember to dry them well before putting them back in the vial.

This serenity potion is composed of :
  • Natural Agate: Calms unconscious fears and anxieties 
  • Aquamarine: brings peace, calm and serenity 
  •  Rose Quartz: Fosters an atmosphere of love and comfort

This 30ml vial contains approximately 68g of crystals measuring 7cm x 3.5cm

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